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Technical specifications

AVLAVL (auto volume leveler) allows people to enjoy watching TV programs without the annoying volume fluctuations when switching between channels or when the program changes to a commercial. Simply set the volume to your preferred listening level and let the TV automatically adjust the sound level
DNRDigital Noise Reduction (DNR) improves the picture quality by reducing background picture noise
H.264 (MPEG 4)H.264 (MPEG-4) provides more smooth and un-interrupted HD picture display. The most advanced compression technique enhance the transmission and video-decode, thus the TV supports more HD content decode formats easily
240/120Hz Full MotionBy increasing the field frequency from 60Hz to 120Hz, the fluidity of moving visuals display improves. 240Hz technology reproduce crisp and detailed images closer to that of real moving image perceived by the human eyes. The frame rate of the conventional LCD TV is quadrupled by interpolating detail in fast motion scenes in movies, sports programs, and video games
Multi-HDMI ConnectionsMulti-HDMI connections allows you to connect all of your entertainment gadgets. Conveniently, switch to each device so everyone can have an enjoyable multimedia experience
Hotel ModeHaier TV integrate hotel TV feature into normal TV sets, to achieve better TV setting up and resource management which can provide hotel lock features such as; 1) Tuning Lock: limit auto searching feature; 2) Source Lock: limit signal source you can use; 3) Preset Source Lock: which can make the signal source as you want when turning on; 4) Child Lock: lock control menu on TV; 5) Max. Volume Lock: limit the volume not too high when tuning; and 6) Power On Volume Lock: control the volume when powered on
MEMCThere must be motion judder and motion blur when we are watching LCD TV, especially the moving pictures. The motion estimation technology can calculate one intermediate image and the motion compensation can add the image between the two moving images. Motion judder and motion blur disappears, you will get the moving details by “Haier Motion Control” technology
USB 2.0 SupportHaier integrates a USB 2.0 input every one of our TVs. With this convenient connection, it is simple to browse and enjoy your digital media (picture, music, and video files) directly from the USB flash drives, hard drives, and card readers


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