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Haier HWM -1200TXVE

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Product Description

Technical specifications

Air WashIt performs deodorizing & sterilizing of your clothes. Now no more mildew, bacteria & bad smells in your clothes
Anti Bacterial WashIn any normal washer, mildew establishes on gasket after sometime. With Haier’s AMT gasket, your clothes remain Germ Free as there is no mildew
Foam Detect FunctionSensor analyses the foam density in the water & adjusts the time of rinsing. Ensures no more detergent stains on your clothes
Hybrid Balance SystemRegardless of the quantity of clothes, it works without noise & vibrations. The round steel bead filled with liquid & steel balls helps in balancing all types of your clothes
Just-in-Time (JIT)Washes your clothes as much as required; neither more nor less. It keeps your laundry clean & maintains longer life of clothes
Large High Bright LCD17.8 cm multi-segment Digital Display updates you about each & every process of wash cycle and its quite convenient to
Muscular DrumSpecially designed Muscular Drum ensures better scrubbing of clothes & also helps in reducing the abrasion of clothes
Night Wash ProgrammerSpecially designed wash cycle ensures no disturbance when you are in your comfort zone. Therefore, we call it Night Wash
NZP TechnologyIt can work up to .001 Mpa water pressure. Hence your wash process does not stop due to low water pressure. Good for low water pressure areas & low height of storage
Powerful MotorHighly efficient motor ensures powerful rotation of clothes. Strong motor promises ensure high durability and efficiency to take heavy load
Remaining Time DisplayLets you know the process time of the wash cycle. This enables you to keep yourself free to do other work while the laundry is being washed
Supporter Dry TraySeparate Soft Toys, Bags, Shoes, Hats, etc. from other laundry and avoid them being de-shaped
Turbo SoakHaier Washing Machine with Active Turbo Soak Wash ensures proper cleaning of badly soiled clothes


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