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Mitsubishi C MSH-C12-VC

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Product Description

Technical specifications

Easy CleanEasy Clean Design reduces your electricity bill by approx. 30%*. Always clean the heat exchanger, fan, and air vent to ensure proper performance and economical operation.

Super Quiet

Quieter than a whisper-Mitsubishi ElectricÕs advanced technology has lead to the creation of super-quiet air-conditioners suitable for all rooms in your home and work environment.

Wide and Long Airflow


Bringing extra comfort to your life, the left-right vane can be automatically controlled by the remote controller. Simply use the Wide-Vane mode to easily adjust the direction of the airflow to reach any corner of the room.

24 Hour Timer


On/Off operation can be set simultaneously in
10-minute increment for a 24-hour period.



All outdoor cabinets have been treated with special anti-rust painting.

Econo Cool


The intelligent “Econo Cool” temperature control allows the body to feel as if the temperature 25 degrees when in fact the preset temperature is 27 degrees. The result? 20% energy savings while you enjoy the same level of cool comfort.

Fuzzy Logic


Is the room too hot or cold, too dry or humid? On auto mode selection, the fuzzy logic control system adjusts conditions to suit your needs.



Eliminate dampness without lowering the
temperature for healthier, more comfortable air-
conditioning, while enjoying great year-round economy.


Self-diagnostic Function


In the unlikely event of a malfunction, the LED
on the indoor unit flashes to indicate the exact spot to be checked.




New LEV Control


LEV (Linear Expansion Valve) control automatically adjusts the volume of refrigerant flowing through the air conditioner according to air conditioning load.

Powerful Cool


The automatic, one-touch Powerful Cool system ensures faster cooling. It produces 10% more airflow than the Ôhigh fanÕ speed, cooling the room in less than 15 minutes, then automatically returning to the regular setting.


Auto Restart


This function permits automatic return to
previous operation conditions after a sudden power black-out.


Electronic Metal
Housing Box


This special box protects the electronic circuitry from dust ensuring its reliable operation and preventing fire in the event of a short circuit.



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